Hello blogging friends!

In April I will be initiating the Purple Dress Project, an awareness and fundraising event for CCFA (Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.) You may know that I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease a year ago and endured a rough battle with it before having a colon resection last June. Before that surgery, I was in the emergency room every month with complications.

It was a terribly traumatic experience to go through, especially as I had just started a PhD program in Textile and Apparel Management. Prior to being diagnosed, I had never heard of Crohn’s Disease. While I was battling the disease, I felt alone knowing no one who had had the disease. And it wasn’t the easiest thing to talk to people about; there’s nothing less glamorous than discussing your bowels!

I would like to do what I can to help promote awareness for Crohn’s Disease and make it more acceptable to discuss the disease and its symptoms.

A fellow blogger, Amy Seiffert, initiated The Gray Dress Project to raise awareness for The Daughter Project. She is wearing the same gray dress for 6 months to help bring awareness to and eradicate sex trafficking. I would like to start a similar project (working title: The Purple Dress Project) to raise awareness for Crohn’s Disease.

The purple ribbon is symbolic for Crohn’s Disease so am choosing a purple dress to wear everyday during Crohn’s Disease Awareness Month in April. It will be a fun challenge to make that dress work every day and (I hope!) an unusual and fun way to bring awareness to the disease.

I’m hoping you, my fellow bloggers, will support this project in one or more of ways on the following page. If you have any ideas or feedback for me, please let me know!

Thank you in advance for your support!


GIVEAWAY ITEM: Contribute an item to a raffle that will take place throughout the month of April that will raise money to support CCFA research.

Giveaways entries will include:
a. Make a donation to CCFA using the donation button on my sidebar and leave a comment telling me what name you donated under.
b. Spread the word about The Purple Dress Project via twitter, facebook, or your blog.

POST: Write a post featuring something purple with The Purple Dress Project button at the top of your post during the month of April. Encourage your readers to donate to CCFA via the button on my blog. You can even put a button on your blog so people can donate directly from your blog! Email me for details.

DONATE: Simply donate money to CCFA through the button on my blog.

SPONSOR: You can also become a sponsor of The Purple Dress Project by donating a certain designated amount to CCFA. I have sponsorship levels starting at $25.

Ashley Hasty
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