November in Photos

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1. Eric and I went on a date to see Straight No Chaser at the IU Auditorium. I love that I found a husband who will take me out for special nights, just the two of us.
2. Our little family of three! My parents came to visit this weekend, too.
3. The IU Plaid tailgate is here! We had terrible weather and ended up having to shut down early, but it was a huge success.
4. Nothing beats a delicious latte from Feast. And who gets to sit outside to enjoy a meal in November? I'm loving this warm weather.
5. My Multichannel Marketing class had a guest speaker from IU Bloomington who manages all of their social media accounts.
6. Every few months I have to have blood work to make sure my Crohn's is still in remission. I still get butterflies when I got to the hospital as I remember what it was like to have a flare.
7. It is beginning to look (and feel) like winter! I love these bright red berries!
8. Huxley is giving me some love.
9. Tom Crean, the IU Basketball Coach, wore our IU Plaid tie to the first game of the season! I was beside myself with excitement!
10. His and hers. Eric and I went to MO to visit my Grandma Oliver and my mom's side of the family for a pre-Thanksgiving celebration. When we got back to St. Louis we ordered these delicious drinks.
11. We went to the St. Louis Art Museum for a little culture. This is my favorite piece is the contemporary art section.
12. I'm back in St. Louis getting ready to fly to Hawaii and Eric sends me this photo of my boys missing me.
13. After a full day of traveling, I finally made it to the hotel in Hawaii! Look at these gorgeous orchids!
14. My friends convinced me to go on a horseback ride in Hawaii. I was aprehensive but we had a great time. We rented a hot red Jeep Wrangler and drove around the island. Too. Much. Fun.
15. After a full morning of conference sessions, I spent the afternoon soaking up the sun at the pool.
16. I really was in Hawaii on business, my presentation on using Twitter in the classroom went really well!
17. Most of my friends are heading back home, but before they left a few of us went to the International Market and bought jade bracelets to remember our trip to Hawaii together.
18. My family has arrived in Hawaii and we met up with family friends who gave us the Island tour. I'm falling more deeply in love with Hawaii every minute.
19. We visited the USS Missouri and the USS Arizona Memorial. This was probably the highlight of the trip for Eric and I had so  much fun listening to what he knew about the ships.
20. Eric and I are sharing a drink served in a pineapple. We had spent the day at the Polynesian Cultural Center and were watching a luau over dinner.
21. I can not get enough of this island. This is a picture of me enjoying the beach. Ah-maze-ing.
22. Happy Thanksgiving! We spent the morning getting a tour of the rest of the island. We were introduced to Spam Musubi. Now, I consider myself a food snob and would not normally consume Spam, but it was a Hawaiian staple so I tried it. I actually liked it!
23. I am so sad to be leaving Paradise. Why do I live in Indiana when places like Hawaii exist?
24. I had one of the most amazing dining experiences as Pastaria by Niche in Clayton, MO. We sat at the chef's bar and was able to watch all the food being prepared. Too cool.
25. One month until Christmas and Eric and I bought a tree and decorated it!
26. Huxley is all decked out in his Holiday Sweater!
27. I was invited to participate in a Crohn's Blogger Summit to talk about what it is like to live with Crohn's Disease. It was a really cool opportunity to meet other bloggers with Crohn's Disease!
28. The last few weeks of every semester are the most stressful. Just trying to get through the Fall 2012 semester!
29. I've been working out at Urban Cycle Studio to supplement my personal training sessions at Urban Fitness Studio. Unfortunately, they are closing their cycling portion of their business and I'm so bummed.
30. We held our annual Fair Trade sale at the Frangipani room in the Indiana Memorial Union. This is the second year I've participated in the sale, which helps raise funds for the Enactus student group!

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