October in Photos

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1. Professor Mary Embry and I took students to the Enactus World Cup competition in Washington D.C. In our off-time, we visited a few national monuments (one of my favorites being the Lincoln Memorial.)
2. The White House was lit with pink lights in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My mom, a breast cancer survivor, asked me to take a photo for her while I was in D.C.
3. The fabulous Jessica Quirk of What I Wore visited my Multichannel Marketing class as a guest speaker.
4. I missed Huxley so much while I was gone in Columbus, Oh and D.C. This is a photo of our reunion.
5. The leaves are turning beautiful shades of fall! With such a dry summer, everyone was worried we wouldn't have much color this fall. But the leaves are just as beautiful as always.
6. I began reading The Color of Water by James McBride for my PEO book club,
7. We bought gray and white pumpkins to decorate our home for the fall season. They matched our art work perfectly.
8. I'm really smitten over this dog.
9. My Multichannel Marketing students live tweeted the annual Design and Retail Forum hosted by the Apparel Merchandising department at IU.
10. The Official IU Plaid will be hosting a tailgate in celebration of the first IU Plaid products. Enactus students created this bulletin board for advertising.
11. We are taking a road trip to MO to attend a Mizzou football game and visit my family. Huxley is loving the wind!
12. I've found a new favorite breakfast spot: Half and Half in Clayton, MO. They have the most delicious pour-over coffee in the world.
13. Have I mentioned how much I love Tiger Stripe Ice Cream? Delicious!
14. More beautiful fall leaves.
15. I really like the fall season (especially fall leaves...just look at that golden tree!)
16. Eric and I had a date night! We went to see Chicago at the IU Auditorium and it was so  much fun. Of course, I was singing the songs for weeks afterwards.
17. Eric sent me this photo while I was on a trip to Columbus, OH. He knows how a photo of Huxley can completely change my mood. Apparently Huxley was having a great time playing in he leaves.
18. I spent a couple of days in Columbus, OH taking students to visit the headquarters of Victoria's Secret and Abercrombie and Fitch. This is a photo of the students at VS Headquarters.
19. This is a photo of the students at Abercrombie and Fitch.
20. I'm starting to get birthday cards in the mail! SO. FUN.
21. I started reading The Hypnotist's Love Story by Liane Moriarty just for fun. I actually had extra time to read a book not associated with a book club or school!
22. I finally got to see the IU Plaid belt in the stores! So exciting!
23. My baby boy.
24. It's my birthday and Eric made it extra special with yummy treats and a beautifully written note.
25. He's my pride and joy.
26. Mary and I took a few Enactus students to visit the Minga Distribution Center to learn about Fair Trade wholesalers.
27. After our trip to Lake Geneva, WI to visit Minga, we took the students to Chicago for a Fair Trade conference. We took an evening off to see my cousin Nathan in Kinky Boots! It will be opening on Broadway in the spring.
28. This is a photo of a few students selling fair trade product at the conference.
29. I started reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel for my Bloomington book club (I don't know what to call this book club yet, we need a name!)
30. Bloomington has these tree sweaters all around town to raise funds for victims of domestic violence. This was my favorite.
31. We are getting prepared for the IU Plaid tailgate with giveaways of IU gear!

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