In The Heights

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Yesterday, Eric and I saw the Tony-winning Best Musical, In The Heights. It took place in Washington Heights, a predominantly Latino neighborhood. It tells the story of three business owners (one of a deli, one of a salon, and one of a taxi and limo service) and their families. They all have big dreams for themselves and/or their children. They face many problems including a lack of money, blackouts, increasing rent, working 2 jobs to go to school, clashing cultures, death, and love.

The music was incredible, a mix of Latin and rap with a Broadway twist. The choreography was unlike any I've seen on Broadway before with bursts of synchronized street dancing combined with freestyle.

If you get the opportunity to see In The Heights in your area, we highly recommend it. It is a musical Eric and I both really enjoyed!

2012 Academy Awards Best Dressed

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My 2012 Oscar Best-Dressed List no particular order...
{Bernice Bejo in Elie Saab}
I love the mint color and the use of line in the detail.

{Ellie Kemper in Armani Prive}
She described the color of this dress as "Hollywood Rust"

{Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford}
I adore the simplicity of this gown, but with interesting details like the cape and accessories

{Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen}
I don't particularly love the dress, but the whole package is gorgeous

{Kermit the Frog in Brooks Brothers}
{Miss Piggy in Zac Posen}
The stars of the show

{Maya Rudolph in Johanna Johnson}
Another simple dress with exquisite details and high contrast

{Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton}
This comes across as red, but it was coral. Best use of color! Wow.

{Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab}
Hollywood Glamour at its finest.

{Missi Pyle in Valentina Delfino}
This gown is eco-friendly and made with cruelty-free silk worms. I have a soft spot for good fashion.

{Sandra Bullock in Marchesa}
This dress seemed to be polarizing. But I love it.

{Shailene Woodley in Valentino Haute Couture}
Everyone said she needed to look more youthful, but I love this dress and she looks gorgeous in it.

Boys will be Boys

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I stumbled across these amazing photos of my Dad and his brother today. As I was flipping through them, I couldn't help but to smile. These pictures really capture how happy my family is. Even as young boys, they were great brothers. Sure, they have their stories of fights, but we've always been close-knit family. The past two weeks my aunt and uncle, who generally take good care of my Grandma, took a trip to India. While they're gone, the grandkids were given a schedule so that my Grandma wouldn't go a day without a phone call. I had forgotten how much I enjoy talking to her. Ever since my Grandpa passed away, we've been in a bit of a funk. I hope this experience rekindles our fire.


My Dad is on the left, with one of the Dukes in the middle, and my uncle, Gary, on the right. Yes, they named all of their dogs Duke. Duke, Duke II, Duke III. I can't remember how many Dukes there were, but they were great dogs, so I hear.


That's my grandma. Isn't she beautiful? She and my grandpa were the most loving couple I'd ever seen. They had such great respect for each other, they knew how to have a lot of fun (taking trips to Las Vegas quite frequently, and loving their trips to Hawaii), and they were always happy. I can not remember them without big smiles on their faces.


That's my great uncle, Amos, on the far right. He lived with my grandparents for as long as I can remember. Look at the big smiles on everyone's faces! This is my family. Smiles. Fun. Good times.


Look at those footed PJs! I think my Dad is wearing pink PJs? And look at the look on my uncle's face! I also adore that floor. My grandparents had the cutest little boys! Don't you think? :)


Don't those guys look so cool? In their shades and their short shorts? :) I wonder where they were. That sand in WHITE! I love it. This makes me want to take a beach vacation.


There is a running joke in my family because in a lot of photos, when my Dad was young, he had his knee popped like in this photo. He was such a poser. :) That building must have been torn down for quite a while, because I don't have any memory of it. The thing about where my Dad and uncle grew up is that it is small and I've been on pretty much every square foot of it.


They love each other!


Is this not the most perfect picture to end on? Snorkling in the swimming pool. And why is the water GREEN. I wouldn't swim in that, if I were you! :)

IU Plaid

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Last semester, as I was getting acquainted with my new position as a lecturer at IU, I suggested that our department (Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design) hold a contest to establish an Official IU Plaid.

SIFE, Students in Free Enterprise, a student group under the direction of two AMID faculty members (myself, and Mary Embry) began spreading the word about the contest. We encouraged all undergraduates currently enrolled at IU to submit a design for the contest. We had just under 30 submissions!

Then SIFE compiled a group of judges including IU staff, distinguished alums, and community business owners to select the top 4 designs. Finally, the designs went up to a vote so the entire IU community could have a say in selecting the plaid design. Ultimately, we selected this as our Official IU Plaid:

Courtesy of Indiana University

I couldn't be more proud of SIFE, AMID, and the IU community. The designer of this plaid, Linda Xiong, created a beautiful plaid for her University. I love that IU came together to support creative work by IU students. SIFE is making it a priority to work with fair trade and eco-friendly vendors. This venture will also help support SIFE as a student group, funding scholarships and projects that focus on helping the local community as well as communities around the world.

Courtesy of Indiana University

I had to brag about IU, I hope you love the plaid as much as I do! We are also looking for creative ways to use the plaid, so if you have ideas, share them here:

Reasons I love Indiana

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The state tree is the Tulip Tree
The tulip tree has long been one of my favorite trees. Aren't they gorgeous?

The state bird is the Cardinal
It is no coincidence that we are St. Louis Cardinals fans!

The state flower is the Peony
Ever since working for My Secret Garden in Columbia, MO, this has been my favorite flower.

 Everything is built with limestone, and it is beautiful
When Eric and I visited Bloomington for the first time, we said had we gotten married while at IU, we would have gotten married in this chapel. It reminded us so much of A.P Greene chapel on Mizzou's campus.

This is a pretty fabulous place.

Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert

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The day I accepted a position at Indiana University, I began following all possible social media connected to IU. My husband probably thought I was crazy, my parents thought I was hilarious, many of my friends found out I accepted the position through the obscene number of IU "likes" that began cluttering my Facebook. But I've always been a huge advocate for social media, and this is one of the benefits to being in-the-know.

Through my social media connections, I discovered that IU has an excellent music and theater program. I also discovered the IU Auditorium. So I followed all of these places through their various social mediums. Through social media, I discovered their email lists. I signed up for them. Thus, I was one of the first to know about the likes of Jon Stewart and Anthony Bourdain coming to our very own Bloomington, IN.

Eric and I were driving to Kansas to meet a potential new family member (who we now refer to fondly as Huxley) when I received an email from IU Auditorium announcing the 2011-2012 schedule. On the list? Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert (among others.) I mention it to Eric and an hour later we have tickets to see some of the biggest names in comedy, cooking, music, and theater. It was the best decision we've made. It has made our first year in this town unforgettable.

Which brings me to last night. We were privileged to watch Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert banter back and forth, subject each other to interrogations, and playfully tease each other for over two straight hours. I could watch brilliant people talk for days, and these two were definitely brilliant. They discussed everything from El Bulli (which I first heard about through the True/False film festival), Guy Fieri, Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart, truffles vs. truffle oil, thoughts on being a celebrity, television shows,  and more. The show was simple, just the two of them and a set of chairs. No glitz and glamor, just brilliant minds sharing their thoughts.

An Experience Installation

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Who: Students at Indiana University in an integrated design class through the department of Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design
Materials: Scrim, fishing line, and the materials found in a warehouse
Mission: To design an experience, elicit an emotion, or tell a narrative

This is one design.
My personal experience within their installation.











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