Half Marathon

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 | | 1 comments
As part of the Roots 'N Blues 'N BBQ Festival, there was a 10k and a half marathon run. My sister-in-law, Elise, ran the 10K and our friends Brad and Jacqueline ran the half marathon. They ended up doing really well considering they hadn't had any formal training! They ran the half in under 2 hours. So now they are our inspiration, Eric and I are going to run the half marathon next year! I'm posting it here so you can hold me to it!

We are so proud of you guys!

Being a TA

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 | | 2 comments
Ten Things I Hate about Being a TA:

1. Homework that isn't typed
2. Responses that don't answer the question
3. Emails from students asking questions which were answered in the email they replied to
4. Students showing up late and then asking questions about things I already addressed
5. Turning in late homework without a good excuse
6. "Doctors notes" from parents-- especially from parents with the same name as the student (i.e. the student is a Jr. or a II)
7. Students talking behind me while I'm listening to the professor (Who sits behind the TAs anyway??)
8. Emails sent right after class when I specifically asked for questions so I wouldn't get a thousand emails right after class
9. Students listening to their headphones in the library cranked up so loud that I hear white noise
10. Grading, in general ;)

Roots-n-Blues-n-BBQ Festival

Monday, September 28, 2009 | | 3 comments
On Friday and Saturday we went to the Roots 'N Blues 'N BBQ Festival, one of Columbia's treasured events. Music began at 5pm on Friday and continued until about 11pm, then picked back up at 11am on Saturday and continued until 11pm again. There were some really fabulous bands playing some great variations of the blues.

The second half of the Roots 'N Blues 'N BBQ Festival is the BBQ, and we ate A LOT of it! Dinner on Friday and Lunch and Dinner on Saturday was all BBQ. Dad and Eric had pulled pork sandwiches and a slab of ribs, I had Lutz's homemade potato chips and a hot dog. Delicious!

For the most part, we just sat around and enjoyed the music...
Dad and Eric took part in their cigar ritual....
I took part in my wine ritual...
Saturday morning we discovered a new brewery in town, Broadway Brewery. Get this: they actually make a beer that I LIKE! Crazy, I know. We are sure to go back. In addition, they have a fabulous menu with all local produce. Our bartender also happens to be a carpenter so he made the bar, chairs, and all the wood trip in the joint from Missouri wood. Isn't that fantastic?

My Dad and Eric thanked me continuously for spotting this sign and introducing us to the new brewery.
Later that day, Mom joined us!
And then it rained...

The end!

My Emmy Picks

Friday, September 25, 2009 | | 2 comments
Kristin Chenoweth

Debra Messing

Toni Collette

Sandra Oh

Hayden Panettiere

Sigourney Weaver

Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Mariska Hargitay

Alyson Hannigan

Kara DioGuardi

Glenn Close

January Jones

Jessica Lange

Tina Fey

Christina Applegate

Olivia Wilde

Walking in the Morning

Thursday, September 24, 2009 | | 2 comments

This marks the first week that my husband and I are participating in "Walk for a Gym Membership." We want to become members of Wilson's but we aren't convinced that we'll actually use it. So before we drop all the money, we are challenging ourselves to wake up at 5am for TWO MONTHS and go walking/jogging outside. If we miss just one day, we start the two months over. Wish us luck!

Heritage Festival

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 | | 1 comments
Since we left the game early on Saturday, we decided to stop by the Heritage Festival to see what it was all about. Two of the women I work for said it was a pretty neat event. Although it was very kid-oriented, Eric and I found some things to enjoy...

1. Rootbeer!

2. Kettle Korn and other tasty treats!3. Shopping (although we didn't buy anything it was fun to look!)

4. The Boone County Historical Museum- we were kicked out, I guess we got there late and they were closing. But the parts we were able to see were really interesting! I think Eric and I will be going back to check out more!

First Day of Fall

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 | | 2 comments

Ten things I love about Fall:

1. The leaves changing colors
2. Discovering sweaters I'd forgotten about
3. My extensive coat collection
4. Apples
5. Pumpkin patches and the Hartsburg pumpkin festival
6. My birthday
7. Football games
8. Trick-or-Treaters!
9. No more sweating!
10. Christmas is coming...the goose is getting fat!

Mizzou vs. Furman

Monday, September 21, 2009 | | 2 comments
Mizzou played Furman on Saturday- Mizzou was winning by so much at the start of the second half that Eric and I left early. The tailgate was a blast, as usual! Since the game was so early we decided to cook brunch. With my dad cooking, it was sure to be a delight!

This week, Andrea and her husband, Todd, and Travis, a friend of Eric's, joined us for the tailgate. We had eggs au formage, biscuits and gravy, cinnamon rolls, brownies, and mimosas. Yum!

At the game, we met up with my brother- and sister-in-law. They sat with us until half time and then they took off as well. With Furman taking such a brutal beating it wasn't that interesting anymore. NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING! ;)

We had a great time! Next game? Mizzou vs. Nebraska!!! We'll be there!

Hooked On...Checklists

Friday, September 18, 2009 | | 5 comments

I make checklists. I make them nearly everyday and sometimes I even add things to my checklist that I've already completed in order to check them off. I can not make checklists on my iPhone, they have to written out on paper because my iPhone deletes the tasks I've completed which doesn't allow me to see how much I've accomplished. Without checklists, I'd be lost.

Currently on my checklist:
1. Work on Costume Society of America article entry
2. Look into scholarships
3. Fill out GSPS online form (I'm not sure what that stands for either, I just know I have to fill it out)
4. Edit and complete thesis
5. Check for Mizzou tailgate RSVPs
6. Review papers sent via email (this is a task added because I'm a TA)
7. Clean (this one rarely gets crossed off)
8. Organize papers (neither does this one)

Do you make checklists?


Thursday, September 17, 2009 | | 6 comments

If you keep up with me on Facebook, you know I had a melt down the other day because I was forced to use this worthless device called a PC. My professor, who is also a software programmer, makes his students buy his software programs for his class. I hate professors who've published their own books and created their own software and then require their students to buy that garbage. Okay, not all books and software are garbage. But the software that is only made to work with a PC is DEFINITELY garbage. I don't know how to use a PC, I don't know how to deal with all the errors that come along with using a PC, and I certainly don't look cool working on a PC! That last one is a joke....sort of. Anyway, I got great responses from my friends, here is how the conversation went after I posted this statement:

Ashley I hate PCs and all the stupid programs that only operate on PCs

Yesterday at 5:43pm
Nick Terrell
That's the thing called "Market share"... software developers know they'll get a bigger piece of the pie by developing for PC's as opposed to MAC.
Yesterday at 5:59pm ·

Ashley Steffes Hasty
If they develop software for both then they get the whole pie and it makes my life as a grad student a lot less frustrating ;)
Yesterday at 6:03pm · Delete

Nick Terrell
... life as a grad student with a Mac* ;)

They'd have to have entire different teams and that's even more overhead and difficulty to offer to both sides. I can see where they come from. What application(s) are you having difficulties with?
Yesterday at 6:07pm · Delete

Ashley Steffes Hasty
As it turns out that software developer is my professor who required me to buy his software for his class. Sneaky, don't you think? I think the programs are Qualrus and Peer Review Emulator. I will happily burn $107 worth of software at the end of this semester....literally burn, with fire.
Yesterday at 6:11pm · Delete

Nick Terrell
That's not a bad gig if you can guarantee students will be buying your software for your course. Nice work professor. I bet there will be a happy fire dance going on. lol
Yesterday at 6:12pm · Delete

Ashley Steffes Hasty
Definitely a dance, the burning of money is never complete without a good dance.
Yesterday at 6:15pm · Delete

Katie Peterson
Yesterday at 6:46pm · Delete

Ashley Steffes Hasty
Too late! I already did!!!
Yesterday at 6:57pm · Delete

On a lighter note, I found this great mac ad that teaches you how to dress like a cool mac user. Doesn't this just reiterate how expansive and penetrative the fashion world is? Fashion is in technology!
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