The Presidents

Monday, September 22, 2008 | | 3 comments

You've met Truman, now meet his brother Wilson. That's right, my parents rescued another dog, a westie this time! My friend Lauren's grandmother had knee replacement surgery and as a family they decided they needed to get rid of their dog. After a little convincing, my parents said they would take him! Now Truman and Wilson torment the cat together, play tug-of-war, and race laps around the kitchen and living room. I'm partial to Truman, but Eric likes Wilson. Wilson likes to do tricks and Truman likes to bark at my dad. Ahhh, I love my puppies!

The Little Things

Thursday, September 18, 2008 | | 2 comments

I recently began attending college in pursuit of a Masters in Textile and Apparel Management. I'm taking three classes, Social Change and Trends (a Rural Sociology class), Textiles and Apparel in the Global Economy, and History of Textile Manufacturing and Trade. I'm also a teacher's assistant (TA) for two sections of Social Appearance in Time and Space, a writing intensive course. In addition, I'm also a sales lead at Ann Taylor LOFT and an associate at Victoria's Bridal. Needless to say, I sometimes feel that I'm in a little over my head. Lately, I've been terribly stressed about getting all my homework done and making enough money for my husband and I to live comfortably.

Yesterday I took a well-deserved "break" at Kaldi's to get some reading done for my Social Change and Trends class. The book we're reading has been slow to say the least and I have to fight to pay attention as I go through the chapters. But yesterday was different somehow, I finally got to a chapter that somewhat interested me (the chapter on the Dominican Republic and the history of their environment...interest is relative) AND I was served this beautifully crafted white chocolate mocha. The coffee at Kaldi's is truely a work of art. I took a deep breath and appreciated those two small events that get me through each day.

Greg Mortenson speaks at Mizzou

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 | | 3 comments

Greg Mortenson, coauthor of Three Cups of Tea spoke at Mizzou today about his life and his mission. For those of you who haven't read his book, he decided to climb K2 in honor of his late sister, he failed the ascent but in turn discovered the small village of Kophe. He fell for the genuine hospitality and generosity of the people and was inspired by a group of girls writing their lessons with a stick in the sand. Before he left he promised to build them a school. Since then he has built hundreds of schools. Hearing him speak at Mizzou was fascinatingly inspiring. The one thing he wanted us all to take away from his speech was this proverb:

To teach a boy is to teach an individual;
To teach a girl is to teach a community.

Meet me in St. Louis

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 | | 1 comments

Eric and I took a break from work and class to have a romantic weekend in St. Louis. We drove up Thursday night and ate at this FABULOUS place featured in Food and Wine Magazine called Niche. The executive chef was named one of the top chef's in the United States. Eric ordered Halibut and I had seared scallops, we ordered a side of polenta which was to die for! For dessert we had liquid chocolate cake which, as you can imagine, was sinful. Friday we went on a tour of Anheuser-Bush, ate at a quaint restaurant across the street, took a walk by the arch and finally went to the Cardinals game! It was a wonderful weekend away from Columbia, but it was too short!

Josh Turner, eye candy!

My parents bought the four of us tickets to see Josh Turner in concert. He sings my favorite song, Firecracker, among many other beautiful tunes. Not only did we get to hear his beautiful voice, Eric and I also got to meet him thanks to my dad's wonderful connections. I was thrilled!

The Famous Wien Picnic

The first Sunday of August is reserved for the Wien Picnic. I've missed very few picnics in my 22 years as a Steffes, and I didn't miss my first picnic as a Hasty. This is Eric's second (or is it third?!) Wien Picnic and he has taken to it as fondly as I have. We missed David and Karen's family this year, but luckily we got to see Susan and Kelley. My favorite part of the weekend is browsing through Share and Care, a consignment shop full of hidden treasures. I found a Christian Dior tie for Eric this year, last year I bought myself a Cashmere coat for $1!!
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